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Importance of Dose Calculation
  • Importance of Dose Calculation


This Course Fee:

700.00 1,000.00

Knowledge about dose calculation provides awareness and Knowing these formulas and when to use them can help practitioners to deliver the right amount of medicine to the patient. 

Online Course for all Healthcare Professional. 

Course Overview:

In this course, you’ll get into greater depth of the suitable dosages of medication taken by the human body in different medical scenarios. In addition to introducing various types of drugs, you will also gain an understanding of how these drugs are absorbed in distinctive ways. Another key element included in this course is the inclusion of universal medical standards of converting SI units.

To help expand your horizon on the essential pointers needed to be kept in your mind when practicing nursing, we provided a case study that would put your knowledge into context. This would prepare you as you get closer to practicing nursing in the future.

 Learning Objective:

To enhance technical skills/work efficiency in the following core areas of health facility management through understanding of SI Units and different modes of Measuring:

  • Management of Drugs
  • Keeping track of drug being administered
  • Calculation of Drugs for different age group
  • Monitoring and setting IVs
  • Using SI Units for Drug calculation
  • Setting the Drop Rate for IV
  • Drug Administration
  • ICU Drugs
  • Invasive Drugs

 Eligibility Criteria

  • ANM
  • GNM
  • BSc Nursing
  • Nursing Professionals
  • Nursing Students
  • Pharmacist

 Course Duration

       5 Hours

 Course Content

  • Introduction to Dose Calculation
  • Drug Measurement System
  • Factors Affecting Dosage
  • Dose Calculation Units
  • Calculations related to IV Fluids
  • Dose Calculation for Paediatrics

 Course Highlights

Program pedagogy which includes Online Classes, Student Faculty Chat by Subject Experts and Post Course Exam.

  • Reference subject through E-Books
  • Program materials developed by experts
  • Each Lesson culminating into a qualifying online exam

 Learning Outcome

 Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage Drugs for patents
  • Keep track of drug being administered in the right manner
  • Calculate the Drugs for different age groups
  • Monitor and set IVs for different scenarios
  • Use SI Units for Drug calculation
  • Set the Drop Rate for IV
  • Administer Drugs
  • Identify and use ICU Drugs
  • Handle Invasive Drugs well

 Evaluations and Grading

  • Evaluations will collate candidate performance based on post training Assessment, Lesson End Assessment, participation in Live classes, participation in student-faculty chat.


At the end of the program the student will be awarded with Certification from Skill Sathi.


Amount: 1,000.00

Discount: 300.00

Payable: 700.00