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Certificate in Infection Control Nurse
  • Certificate in Infection Control Nurse


This Course Fee:


Hospital Infection Prevention and Control System

Online Course for all Healthcare Professional

Knowledg in dept about Hospital Infection Prevention and Control National & International Guidelines.

Course Overview:

The Infection control nurse course provided by us at knowledge sathi offers academic and professional training with a high level of specialization in infection control, aimed at ensuring that recipients:

Acquire knowledge and competence about the epidemiology of hospital infections, their transmission, and control

Know basic research concepts within of the specialty

Acquire the capacity to carry out an institutional analysis to manage infection control policy changes through appropriate strategies


Learning Objective

  • To enhance managerial and technical skills in the field of Infection Control.
  • To develop critical thinkers who creatively engage in nursing processes to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • To develop caring and culturally responsive communication and interpersonal skill.
  • To develop capabilities for effectively leading interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
  • To understand nursing ethics and by laws.
  • To develop effective collaborators to effectively contribute to disease prevention, quality, safety and equality.

Eligibility Criteria

  • GNM
  • B sc Nursing
  • English competency - 40% Marks in 10 + 2
  • Basic computer knowledge -MS Office

Course Duration

60 days

Course Content

  • History and Trends in Infection Control
  • Introduction about Infection Control Practices
  • Chain of Infection
  • What is Hospital Acquired Infection
  • Hand Hygiene Practices
  • Use of personal Protective Equipment
  • Standard Precautions
  • Extended Precautions
  • Bio-medical and Solid Waste Management
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Ascetic Technique
  • Blood and Body Fluid Exposure
  • Environmental Surveillance
  • General Consideration for Linen
  • Kitchen and Dietary Services in Hospital
  • Infection Control In Mortuary
  • Needle Stick Injury
  • Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis
  • Management of Spill
  • Healthcare Worker Safety
  • Role of ICN for Critical Care Areas
  • Infection Control Do’s and Don’ts
  • Sample Collection
  • Safety Tips for Healthcare Workers
  • Use of Forms and Formats
  • Infection Prevention Care Bundles
  • Course Highlights
  • Program pedagogy which includes Online Classes, Student Faculty Chat by Subject Experts and Post Course Exam.
  • Reference subject through E-Books
  • Program materials developed by experts
  • Each Lesson culminating into a qualifying online exam

Learning Outcome

  • To enhance knowledge about Epidemiology of Infection
  • To acquire knowledge on Standard Precautions, Hand hygiene, Isolation Protocol, Personal Protective Equipment, Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization Practice.
  • To enhance knowledge on Hospital Acquired Infections/ Nosocomial Infection
  • To understand Surveillance Methodology and High-risk areas of the hospital
  • To develop skills on Statistics of surveillance data.
  • To enhance skill on Occupational Health Hazards.

Evaluations and Grading

Evaluations will collate candidate performance based on post training Assessment, Lesson End Assessment, participation in Live classes, participation in student-faculty chat.


At the end of the program the student will be awarded with Certification from Skill Sathi.

Amount: 6,000.00

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Payable: 6000.00